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Elite Succession Planning Education Partnership Part 1


Chris and Sameer discuss succession planning and interact with FPA members of Greater Hudson Valley in White Plains, NY on 3/10.


Chris and Sameer engage the audience at FPA Greater Hudson Valley.

Effective succession planning is emotionally complicated and deeply personal. The decision by a financial advisor to consciously evaluate how to retire or transition is perhaps the most difficult one they will encounter.

Exit str

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Elite Succession Planning Education Partnership Part 2

Elite_1image credit: Blue Ocean Global Technology  

By definition, a financial advisor’s job is to guide their clients and best position them for achieving their desired lifestyle and retirement vision. Ironically, these same advisors devote very little time to protecting their own business equity: generally fewer than 30% of all advisors have undergone the process of formalizing an optimal exit strategy or succession plan. A total of 4 out of every 10 financial advisors will retire in the next 10 years, and 42% of these advisors lack a succession plan.

Succession planning can be a grueling process. It takes t

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