Elite Advisor Consulting strategically partners with esteemed organizations that share in our strong foundation of integrity, excellence, and stewardship.
Our partners include, but are not limited to:

Blue Ocean Global Wealth

Blue Ocean Global Wealth is an investment advisory firm that strives to be a trusted partner and educational resource. We provide corporations and institutions with portfolio construction, investment due diligence, and risk management consulting. We deliver comprehensive financial planning and wealth management solutions to families, entrepreneurs, and executives. We embrace global diversity and steward the protection, growth, and distribution of our clients’ wealth. Our Blue Ocean Strategy is Education. The creators of Blue Oceans, as outlined in Blue Ocean Strategy, implement a differentiated strategic vision. Value innovation occurs when organizations align value with innovation. Recognizing the ambiguity now facing Americans after an erosion of trust in the financial services industry, we develop education programs to support our public policy partnerships.

Succession Link

Succession Link is a solution that provides Financial Advisors with a platform for buying and selling financial service practices. It also provides Advisors with access to resources that aide in the transaction process. Succession Link was founded by a group of financial services professionals who have spent their careers working with financial advisors and industry leaders.

Fine Tooth Consulting

Finetooth Consulting provides Transition Planning, Outsourced Recruiting & Acquisitions and Succession Planning to Financial Advisors, Registered Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers across the country. As a research based consulting firm, these services are tailored to each client, to ensure suitability. We have offices located across the country to provide regional support. Our services resemble that of a Sports Agent and their high profile athletes. Finetooth Consulting has developed a unique consultative approach to market research and business execution. This niche strategy, coupled with our retail and corporate background in the Broker-Dealer space assures our clients of a solid business transition.

United Advisors

United Advisors is a wealth management firm focused on helping our clients progress toward their individual financial goals. A team of credentialed professionals oversees the client’s plan, strategy and portfolio and maintains regular client contact. Progress is our gauge: while no plan guarantees success, benchmarking the client’s destination, rather than the investment fads and products of the moment, should increase the likelihood of goal attainment.

Blue Ocean Global Technology

The mission of Blue Ocean Global Technology is to help Americans make optimal technology decisions and resource allocations. We help clients leverage technology to increase efficiency and profitability. We offer financial advisors, RIAs, and broker dealers an exceptional client experience. Our process begins and ends with our clients’ vision. We develop, integrate, and protect client technology assets. Blue Ocean Global Technology offers trusted partnership with our expansive group of technology engineers and web professionals. Our diverse experience and intellectual capital transforms each client’s value curve, providing the essence of our Blue Ocean strategy.